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Bauer Precision No. 110 Hand Tapper was created to serve the screw tapping needs of instrument makers, tool and die makers, model makers, electronic technicians, and other precision metal craftsmen. However, because it has the sensitivity necessary for taps ranging in size from # 0 to 5/16" it can be a very useful and convenient companion to a larger hand tapper which either cannot accommodate the smaller taps or does so at great risk. The No. 110 Hand Tapper belongs in every general machine shop.

Tapping Capability: 6 Tap Adapters = 43 Tap Sizes

All Machine Screw Taps from # 0 to # 14, Inclusive.

All Fractional Hand Taps from 1/16 to 5/16", Inclusive.

All Metric Taps from M 1.6 to M8, Inclusive.

Helical Coil Wire Screw Thread Insert ( STI ) Taps as follows

  #2. #3, #4, #5, #6, #8, #10, and ¼".

Workpiece Capacity:

Will tap to the center of an 8" wide workpiece. When this capacity is insufficient the arm can be turned out to one side of the base and the base placed upon the workpiece, for an unlimited capacity.

Maximum height clearance under a # 6 Plug tap is approximately 6" ; under a 5/16" plug tap approximately 5 ½ ".

Cast iron, 1 ¼" x 5" x 8 ¼ ". Blanchard - ground top and bottom.
A machined radial groove permits unrestricted arm positioning.
A stop pin is provided, along with a pattern of holes in the base to facilitate work holding.
Arm:Cast iron, fully adjustable for height and radial position.
Column: Sturdy ¾ " diameter solid bar, centerless - ground.
Spindle: ½" diameter x 7" long, hardened and centerless - ground.
Spindle Catch:
A spring - actuated spindle catch automatically retains the spindle in the raised position. Finger pressure
Releases it.
A T-handle, ¼" diameter x 4." long, permits very sensitive tapping. For quick action and minimum effort with the larger taps, an 8" aluminum handle slips neatly and firmly over the T-handle.


Quickly snap on and off the spindle, with no tools required. Works equally well with right or left hand taps. All
Sizes have broached driving square. Six (6) standard adapters are furnished with the tapper: #6, #8. #10, #12, ¼ " and 5/16 . A set of Six (6) adapters numbered 0 through 5 is available. These are all dimensionally identical to the #6 adapter, but are convenient when the smaller taps are frequently used. Adapters are also available singly.

Base and Arm is finished in gray enamel. Weight 12 ½ pounds.

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